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In this post, we will see how we can display static menu using Gallery control where each item will navigate to different screen.

Pre-Requisites – Basic knowledge of PowerApps and some of the controls. (see references for more information)


  • First of all add Main or Home screen (to host the static menu) and then add all related screens (where each item will navigate to). Lets say, we added HomeScreen, ProductsScreen, TwitterScreen and ReportsScreen. (see below screenshot for navigation relationship)
  • Click on “View” -> “Media”. This will open a page to upload Images, Videos or Audios. Upload required images here.


  • Now select the HomeScreen and from property dropdown, select “OnVisible” property. For this property set below formula-
{Title: "Products", Description: "View Product Catalog", Image: Products, Screen: BrowseScreen1}, 
{Title: "Twitter", Description: "View Twitter Feeds", Image: Twitter, Screen: TwitterScreen}, 
{Title: "Reports", Description: "View Report Dashboard", Image: reports, Screen: ReportScreen})


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