Power BI June 2018 Update introduced many features and enhancements listed here. In this blog we will explore two main reporting features: High Contrast Reports and Donut Radius Control.

In case you haven’t downloaded June 2018 update, please do so using link.

Donut Radius Control:

Donut chart is like Pie chart with only difference is Donut chart is blank in middle and allows space for label or icon to be added. Donut chart also allows you to show relationship between parent and child. For ex: How many products per company, Total revenue by company etc.

  • To add Donut chart on your report, click on Donut chart icon in Visualizations. Add Parent column in Legend and Child column in Values


  • One interesting feature added in June 2018 Update, you can change inner circle radius of Pie chart by modifying Inner Radius value under Shapes


High Contract Reports:

With June 2018 Update, Power BI introduced capability of High Contract Reports. When you switch your windows settings to High Contrast, Power BI report automatically changes its layout to High Contrast mode. Let’s see how it works.

  • I have a simple Power BI report with Donut chart and Table as shown below


  • Go to Windows Settings, search for High Contrast Settings. By default, “None” will be selected as High Contrast theme. Change it to any other theme say “High Contrast #1” and click on Apply.


  • You will notice your Power BI report layout will also change as per High Contrast theme selected above