Configuration Migration tool, part of Dynamics 365 SDK which helps in creating schema XML file, export and import data for master entities. Usually master data is setup in one environment and copy over to others with help of Configuration Migration tool. This process includes below steps in sequence:

  • Create Schema File for list of master entities and attributes to be exported and imported
  • Export Data using Schema file from environment where master data is setup
  • Import Data using exported zip into other environments


In case you have schema file created and someone deletes any attribute referred in your schema file, you will get an error saying “The schema validation failed for the missing fields on the entities. See the log for missing fields.” while exporting data. In order to fix it, follow below steps:

  • While exporting data, if above error message appears. Click on “View Error Log” option at bottom. You can also check logs at “%User profile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Configuration Migration Utility\


  • Log file will open. Check for which entity fields are missing. In my case its “mis_participantprofile” entity.


  • To fix this issue, click on Cancel and select Create Schema option to update schema file and Click on Continue


  • Connect to your organization, once connected select Load Schema option from File menu. Select your schema file and Entities will be loaded under Selected Fields and Entities from schema file.


  • Select Participant Profile entity from “Select Entity” drop down which will load attributes under Fields list. Expand Participant Profile entity from Selected Fields and Entities list to compare attributes and find for missing


  • As shown above, “mis_participanttype” attribute is missing from Fields which means this attribute has been deleted. Right click on “mis_participanttype”and Remove Field.


  • Once removed, Click on Save and Export. Save updated schema file. You will be prompted “The schema save is complete. Would you like to export the data?”. Click on Yes


  • Give a name to data file and Click on Export Data. If validation is not successful, follow above steps again to find for missing fields and update schema file until it’s completely fixed. Upon successful validation, data export will be started.