With Dynamics 365 V9.0 release, many Client APIs are deprecated including Xrm.Page object. Refer my blog for list of Deprecated APIs. Therefore, deprecated Client Aps need to be replaced with new Client APIs when upgrading to Dynamics 365 V9.0 from V8.2/8.1 or lower.

Latest version of XrmToolBox (download) comes with a plugin “Dynamics 365 V9 JavaScript Validator” which connects with CRM instance and scan your JS files for V9.0 compatibility. It then lists down all changes required for each JS file with line numbers.

Let’s see how this works:

  • Download XrmToolBox latest version from link provided above
  • Select “Dynamics 365 V9 JavaScript Validator” from XrmToolBox plugins store and click on Install. If plugins store does not open automatically when you open XrmToolBox, select Plugins Store option from Tools menu.


  • Once installed, open Dynamics 365 JavaScript Validator and Click on Retrieve Jscript Web resources button. Alert dialog will pop-up with count of JS web resources and to scan.


  • Click on Scan button. All JS files will be validated for compatibility check and validation results will be displayed with changes to be done at places


Note: Dynamics 365 V9 JavaScript validator highlights impacts only based on known Deprecated Client APIs. I would strongly recommend performing a regression test once solution is upgraded.