Microsoft Dynamics 365

This is the first post in a series explaining the details of the MB2-716 certification. MB2-716 was released around Feb 2017 and is the latest version of Microsoft’s Customization and Configuration exam. I have blogged in detail about the previous exam, MB2-712. During this series I will update all of my earlier posts and add in any new details specific to MB2-716.

I will try to make these posts detailed enough for the CRM Dynamics 365 novice to gain the required knowledge whilst still informative enough for experts to use these posts as revision guides. In fact the process of creating these posts will be my revision for this exam, meaning I will be going on the same journey as you!

The customization and configuration certification seems to be one that developers tend to target, however the exam is also a useful learning objective for CRM Functional Consultants and Business…

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