When new entity is created in CDS (Common Data Services), it is created in an Environment and you use this entity through Connection made to that Environment. Let’s understand what exactly an Environment and Connection means:

Environments – Space to store data (in Common Data Model), apps and flows. Each environment can have zero or one database. When sign-up for PowerApps, default environment is automatically created for each tenant and shared with all users in that tenant. You can always create you own environment with your custom entities, apps. Refer my blog to create an environment.


Refer blog for more details on Environments (Scope, Permissions)

Connections – Gateway to data sources such as CDS, Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint. PowerApp access data from data sources using Connections. Connection to Common Data Service is always created against an Environment.

Create a new Connection to CDS:

  • Login to PowerApp web portal and Select Data -> Connections on left navigation. Click on + New Connection.


  • Select Common Data Service as data source


  • Click on Create
  • Connection will be created and added to list of all connections

Refer blog more details on how to create, update or delete Connection

Entities not visible in PowerApp Studio:

PowerApp Studio is desktop application to manage your Power Apps and Flows. In case you are connecting to CDS for Apps and do not see all entities, you need to check for Environment you are connected to.

  • I have Company and Company Product custom entities created in “Test Power App Environment”.


  • To use these entities in PowerApp Studio, make sure you are connected to right environment. “Test Power App Environment” in my case. In default environment, these entities are not available.


  • In case you are not connected to right Environment, Select Account tab on left navigation. Click on Change


  • Select your environment and click on Change Environment
  • Once changed, you will be able to see Company and Company Product entities under your CDS connection.