About flic:

Flic is small wireless button which connects with your mobile through Flic app using Bluetooth. Flic can control your smart home, speakers, switches, lights and can now trigger Microsoft flows.

For initial setup please refer Here. By referring this link you should be able to download flic app, connect your flic with app and performs actions.

Flic comes with 3 triggers and various actions.


  • Click (one quick press)
  • Double Click (two quick presses)
  • Hold (one long press)



Create Microsoft Flow:

Microsoft flow supports Flic connector that allows a workflow to be triggered by the press of a Flic button. Below are few predefined workflows:


Let’s create a Microsoft flow which blocks your calendar for next hour with just a push of flic button:

  • Sign in to Microsoft flow
  • Search for flic and select template to block your calendar. We can create our own custom workflow too.


  • If your flic connection is different from one you logged in into Microsoft flow, flow will ask you to sign in for flic connection.


  • Click on Continue once connected to flic
  • Select your flic connected with flic app and events as click/double click/hold under “When a flic is pressed” trigger


  • Select parameters for your calendar meeting as required and save flow


Trigger flow from flic:

To use Flics with Microsoft Flow, you must have:

Perform below steps to configure Microsoft flow to be executed when flic button is pressed:

  • Select flic button and click on + button for click event
  • Select Microsoft flow under Advanced and click on Add on top right corner. You can check option to send current location to Microsoft flow is required


  • Press flic button, which will trigger Microsoft flow and you should have meeting created in your calendar for next hour as shown below. Note – make sure your flic is connected to app via Bluetooth