In this blog I would be explaining how to add hyperlink in Power BI report link to CRM entity record.


Below are the steps:

  • I have Power BI report which filters for invalid records based on filter criteria and display in a table format


  • We need hyperlink against each record pointing to corresponding record in CRM. Before you add hyperlink make sure you have entity’s primary id (GUID) column in your dataset. Click on “New Column” to add new column


  • Set value of new column in below format

https://<YourOrgName&gt;<entityschemaname>&id={” & <Datasetname>[<PrimaryIDColumnSchemaName>] & “}&newWindow=true&pagetype=entityrecord”

  • <YourOrgName> – replace it with your org name
  • <entityschemaname> – Logical or Schema name of entity
  • <Datasetname>[<PrimaryIDColumnSchemaName>] – Points to primary ID entity column in dataset

Note – Datasetname and PrimaryIDColumnSchemaname are case-sensitive

For Account entity value would be:

https://<YourOrgName&gt;{” & accounts[accountID] & “}&newWindow=true&pagetype=entityrecord


  • Right click on column and rename it to “Link to CRM record”


  • Add new column to your report. By default it will display URL as text as shown below


  • Instead of whole big url we want a link icon instead. Select the new column under Fields and Click on Modeling tab. Change Data Category from Uncategorized to Web URL


  • You will see URL text converted into link. Now we need link icon instead of link itself. Select report, under Formatting -> Values -> Select URL Icon


This is it. Publish your report to Power BI service and then add report to Dynamics 365 dashboard.